Client & Accountant Testimonials

Feedback to a COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan - Assistance Meeting 

"'Kirsten was really great. It was definitely worth it. She answered a lot of questions. It was so helpful. I was unsure of what assistance was actually available to me. I now have a plan, actions to follow, and I now know what I'm eligible for."  

Marci Wellness

Feedback to a XERO Health Check and Bookkeeping Rescue 

"I have had productive discussions with both directors and their feedback is that you are amazing, so thank you (I have many more clients to refer!)."

VT Advisory

Feedback from a trade client

"Our business wouldn’t be where it is or what it is without Kirsten’s input.  It has been a very positive and rewarding experience working with Kirsten. On starting the business I had no experience with bookkeeping or any idea on the amount of paperwork and requirements to run a business.  Having Kirsten, someone with a great understanding of running a business and bookkeeping from the start, was a great decision. Kirsten just set it all up and took all the worry out of it, so we could focus on our work and the clients was such a relief. We wouldn’t be doing what we are doing without Kirsten.  Most of our systems have all been because of Kirsten, and what she has done has allowed us to grow and scale the business so quickly. She’s amazing, she constantly goes above and beyond what a normal person would do. She really cares about our business, and she has guided us so well with her advice and weekly catch-ups and pep-talks.  Kirsten (and her team) are an integral part of our business and our success and I can't speak any more highly about what she has done for us." 

Ashley Speas Refrigeration and Airconditioning Pty Ltd

Feedback from a Brisbane-based Accounting firm 

"The first thing I’d like to say is that the quality of her work, the Xero file that she presents, is of the highest standard and it's probably the best standard I have seen from a bookkeeper.  The second thing is her proactive approach to assist her clients is something I am not used to seeing from a bookkeeper. Kirsten sought us out to help with several of her clients and I thought that was something fairly unique and an attribute that Kirsten has that most bookkeepers don’t."

Head of Accounting,
Change Accountants

Feedback from a retail client

"Put simply, I couldn’t have survived and we couldn’t have achieved what we have in my business without her.  She has been phenomenal and is so integral to our operation. She has worked with us to streamline and automate our business, introduced new systems, she searched for better systems to meet our requirements when those available were not quite right, and is always available when we need her.   I like that she remains open to our ideas and business needs, on how we want to do business, and continues to provide us with great information and finds ways to specifically support our business."

Rye Bike Shop

Feedback from an environmental client 

"The major points I would say about Kirsten is that she has been very helpful in what was a troubling time and a transition period for me (and our businesses).  She is extremely diligent, very friendly, and always thinking of our best long-term interests. She’s been so innovative and great at providing suggestions on ways to continuously improve and make things easier for us.  I know there is a lot she has done for all of our businesses, but it is all the small things that she does to help, that really count. She implemented WorkflowMax and Receipt Bank. Little things like that help me a lot and collectively make a big difference."  

Wetland & Wildlife Creations

Feedback from a Melbourne Accountant 

"Working with Kirsten is so refreshing as we have intelligent informed conversations.  She understands the fundamentals of bookkeeping and the need for accuracy for GST and the like, so that when we get involved (as the accountant) we're not having to sift through jobs done badly as a lot of bookkeepers do and provide to us.  This means that when we're having discussions as to who will do what tasks and the like, it's a sensible intelligent, well-organised and productive conversation. She’s prompt in responses and she really cares about her clients. She shows initiative and open-mindedness and is looking for things outside of the circle to support her clients.  We really enjoy working with her and appreciate the referrals and relationship we have with her."

Kidmans Partners Accountants

Feedback from a construction client

"We have been using Kirsten and BizWhiz Business Solutions for over 12 months now.  Having had internal bookkeepers and doing a lot of the bookkeeping ourselves, there is no comparison.  She has literally saved my sanity, and installed a level of professionalism to our accounts that we have never had before. 
Her and her teams streamlining and automating our systems, her knowledge, and the ease and enjoyment of working with her has been amazing.  Best of all it’s going to make the EOY a breeze and not the usual nightmare."

Rogue Wave Constructions

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