Invite BizWhiz as a Xero Advisor

Inviting our Xero Advisors to your Xero file is a very straight forward process.  Please follow the below 3 steps, and please contact our team for any assistance.

Please know that as a Registered BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board, our access to your Xero file is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. 

If privacy or security of financial information is a concern, we can provide you with a Confidentiality Agreement, and we are also readily available to assist with any queries that you may have regarding our access to your Xero file.

If our Xero Advisors are invited to your Xero file for the purposes of providing a Health Check on your Xero file, please know that we will not make any changes to the data recorded in your Xero file.  Our Xero Advisors are only viewing your Xero file, for the purpose of providing a review of your accounting file, and to provide you with important insights into the quality of your Xero file and our recommendations where changes are required.  

Step 1: Open Settings in your Xero file

Step 2: Once in your Xero Settings, select Users

Please note: Only Xero users with Standard or Advisor user roles and who have 'Manage Users' access privileges, will be able to invite new users to the Xero file.

Step 3: Select 'Invite a User', and proceed to complete the user details

Our Xero Advisors will receive notification of your Xero file user invitation.  We will then be in contact to confirm receipt of your Xero Advisor invitation, and to discuss any initial information requests.

Please note: 
By inviting BizWhiz Business Solutions to your Xero file, you agree with our terms of engagement, and allow our experienced team of Xero Advisors, and our preferred resources and technology systems, to access and review your Xero file, so that we may provide recommendations to you regarding your Xero accounting and business requirements.     

Xero Health Check - Contact Details form
If you wish to return to the Xero Health Check page on our website, to submit your contact details for a Xero Health Check, please click on this link.

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