COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Business Assistance

As a business owner, there's one key thing you need to totally focus on NOW - keeping your business alive during these difficult times.

It's not necessarily all doom and gloom either.  Withstanding the tough times can set up a business to be positioned as a fast turning cash flow business when everything bounces back in a positive way in the future.

Having a plan, remaining positive and being seen to be positive with your actions, to employees and suppliers, is the best way through any crisis. 

We remain a valuable key supplier to business owners, and we understand that you will require our services now more than ever. It's moments like these that you need to make sure you have the right team in your corner, fighting for your survival and success.

It is also important to keep in mind that many of the Government COVID-19 Assistance Packages are complicated and are not automatically provided, and assistance will be needed to access and maximise the available assistance on your behalf.  

COVID-19 Business Continuity Plans

We have been helping many of our clients with Business Continuity Plans (BCP) in response to the impacts of COVID-19.  Many have found this assistance extremely valuable and it has helped them feel more positive towards their future business position.

As part of our COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan process, we are also providing regular updates on the government stimulus and economic recovery packages for business owners, and providing strategic advice on how these need to be accessed and managed to maximise the available benefits to business owners (as they can be quite complicated and not automatically provided to a business).

The BizWhiz Business Solutions team have developed a COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan for business owners. Our COVID-19 Continuity Plan can give you great assistance to keep your business alive, and to give you and your team a framework for the support you need during this COVID-19 crisis.  We want to help you to keep your business operating through these difficult and unprecedented times.


We have 2 options where we can immediately help you:

OPTION 1.  Advisory Video + Business Continuity Plan document

Receive a Business Advisory Video talking you through step-by-step what you need to be doing right now to access the available COVID-19 financial support and to ensure the continuity of your business. PLUS, receive a copy of our 22 page COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan (BCP) strategic document with an action plan to follow. 


1.  A detailed explanation of the Federal and State government COVID-19 financial support available to business owners and their employees.

2.  An outline of our step-by-step actionable COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan (BCP), including key strategies and communication documents, all business owners should immediately consider;

With this option, you will receive an advisory video plus a copy of the COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan document. You will then be able to review the video and document and choose which actions to implement, and assign who will implement the chosen actions.

OPTION 2. Dedicated Advisory Meeting (1 hour) + Advisory Video + Business Continuity Plan document

We provide a dedicated 1 hour Advisory Meeting to you, tailored specifically for you and your business needs.  We will walk you through the COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan document and guide you through the available financial support, and the best actions to take for you (as the business owner) and for your business specifically.

This meeting will also include strategic advice on how to access and maximise the available benefits to you from the various COVID-19 business assistance packages. Each businesses strategy at this time will be different and it is so important that you have a Business Continuity Plan in place.

At the conclusion of the Assistance Meeting we will email the COVID-19 Business Contunuity Document to you, with an outline of the recommended actions that are most relevant for you and your business. 


OPTION 1: Where we provide you with an Advisory Video and a copy of our COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan for your use is $250.00 +gst

OPTION 2: Where we support you with a dedicated Advisory Meeting (1 hour) specifically for your business, plus you will receive the COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan with action plans relevant to your business is $400.00 +gst

It is our aim to maintain the prices for our COVID-19 Business Assistance Packages as very minimal, compared to the advice and value that you will receive!

COVID-19 Cash Flow Scenario Planner

We are also assisting many of our clients with COVID-19 Cash Flow Forecasts.  Again this is a very valuable tool for business owners at this time.  We can quickly provide an insight into the possible longevity of the business, when considering the impacts the business has incurred or is expected to incur on its forecast sales revenue.  We can also identify strategies to reduce costs, as well as calculating how the available COVID-19 government assistance will benefit the business. 

How is your business poised with the Roadmap to easing the COVID-19 restrictions?

Stage 1 'Easing of Restrictions for Businesses' will commence from the 15th May (in many Australian States) and will continue for 4 weeks.

Now, more than ever, Cash Flow Forecasting is a very significant issue for small businesses.   Statistics indicate that '90% of small businesses fail due to poor cash flow' (Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman). Let your business not be another statistic or failed business. Act now!


  1. Cash Flow Scenario Planning tool (blank template)
  2. Example Cash Flow Scenario Planning tool (with example figures)
  3. Instructional Video on how to use the Cash Flow Scenario Planner
  4. 20 minute phone or Zoom call, for Cash Flow Planner queries


The COVID-19 Cash Flow Planner Package is only $245.00 +gst

For Businesses in the Noosa Shire Council region, you will receive your COVID-19 CASH FLOW PlANNER PACKAGE for FREE (as the Council are fully funding your Cash Flow Planner Package).

Submit your details on this form for your FREE COVID-19 Cash Flow Scenario Planner

COVID-19 Government Assistance

It is a dramatically changing landscape for all business owners at present, and it is hard to keep up with the constant COVID-19 business assistance and recovery packages that are being made available.

To assist, we have been constantly scouring the news, government websites, industry updates and attending online webinars in an effort to gather all the information and 'know-how' in order to ensure we are not only aware of the available assistance, but that we can work closely with business owners to maximise what assistance is available to you.

We have created a 'COVID-19 Support for Small Business' reference document consolidating all the important business assistance information that you will need to know. This document will be made available to business owners and we will continue to update this document as new information comes to hand.   

Contact BizWhiz Business Solutions for assistance.


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