Xero Tools for BAS Agents

Kirsten Norman (Founder of BizWhiz Business Solutions) was recently interviewed by Xero on the topic of 'Xero tools for BAS Agents; the best workflow and getting started'.

The interview was conducted with Mel McDonald (Xero Presales Specialist - Product) and Amy Brandmeier (Xero - Senior Account Manager) to assist the BAS Agent and Bookkeeping industry on the best advice and tips for completing a bookkeeping job in Xero including Document Packs, Xero Tax and Xero Projects.

The interview is available to be viewed on Xero Central: https://central.xero.com/s/learning-assignment/a3O3m00000600liEAA/lea18330420

This is the Xero Central page link: https://central.xero.com/s/training-plan/a473m000000tGqWAAU/xero-tools-for-bas-agents-the-best-workflow-and-getting-started

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