JobKeeper Payments - Federal Government Wage Subsidy

The Australian Government has thus far announced 3 Economic Stimulus packages to the sum of $325 billion.

The Government announced a $130 billion JobKeeper payment to help more Australians in jobs and support businesses affeected by the significant economic impact caused by the Coronavirus. The payment ensures eligible employers remain connected to their workforce and will help businesses restart quickly when the crisis is over.


JUST ANNOUNCED - COVID-19 JOBKEEPER PAYMENTS to help businesses keep their employees connected to their business so businesses are in a better position to bounce back when things return to normality.

💡 How to apply?

Register your Interest here

Enrol from April 20th onwards here

Find out if you’re an eligible Employer here

Applying the Turnover Test

Details on the Alternative Decline in Turnover Test

Find out if your employees are eligible here

Paying your eligible employees

JobKeeper Payment - Information for Employers

JobKeeper Payment - Information for Employees

JobKeeper Payment - Information for Sole Traders and other entities

Supporting businesses to retain jobs

Protecting integrity

Changes to the Fair Work Act

JobKeeper Payment - Frequently Asked Questions

JobKeeper Payment - Employee Test Requirements

JobKeeper Payment - Employee Nomination Notice

JobKeeper Payment - Employee Nomination Notice form

Creating your own employee Jobkeeper Nomination Notice

JobKeeper Payment Rules

JobKeeper Payment Rules Explanatory Statement

JobKeeper changes to the Fair Work Act

Practical Compliance Guideline - JobKeeper Payment

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